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Beaver Island District Library

Library Board Meeting Minutes - October 21, 2010

Minutes of Library Board of Trustees Meeting held October 21, 2010

Minutes of Library Board of Trustees Meeting held October 21, 2010

PRESENT: Stambaugh, Ruis, Souders, Weirenga, Lounsberry, Lyle, Cruickshank, Moore


Call to order by Stambaugh at 4:30 p.m.


·        Correction to the minutes of June 17th, 2010

o   The Board elected only a President, Vice-President, and Secretary but opted to not have a treasurer.  Motion made to amend the minutes by striking the treasurer part.  Agreed

·        Minutes of the August 19th  meeting.  Weirenga motioned to accept; seconded by Lyle. Passed

Treasurers Report

·        Spending more than taking in but will improve as property taxes start coming in.  Under Professional Fees $348 not budgeted was for the township attorney for responses to controversies.  Ruis motion to accept; seconded by Souders.  Passed.

Librarian Report

·        School not sending children over.  Numbers are going down for patrons. Stambaugh will talk to the school as to why they aren’t using the library.  Furnace checked.  MG Roe will cover while Cruickshank and Moore are gone to conference. 

Freedom of Information Act request 

·        We have no policy.  Stambaugh suggests we get a policy.  County requires 5 business days.  We need a FOIA officer.  At township level it is the clerk.  Can we use the same policy as the townships do?  At December meeting we are going to appoint a FOIA officer.  Where would this fit into our existing policies? Lyle will get the language and it will be discussed at the December meeting.  Moore to check Michigan Library Law on FOIA.

Memorial Tree

·        Rick and Kathy Speck know the tree is dead.  They want to replace it.  Perhaps a smaller, ornamental, flowering tree was recommended by the Board

·        Jim Wojan and crew will remove the dead tree

Employment with the Library Board and related issues

·        Contracted labor as described by our lawyer, Peter Wendling

·        Copy of letter attached to minutes

No correspondence

No public comment


·        Weirenga made motion to adjourn, Lyle second, all in favor

Next meeting will be December 16, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. in the library

Respectively submitted,

Phyllis Moore

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